Pain Relief Heating Scarf

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Just Wrap it Around The Muscle Pain Area And Soothe Muscles

Say goodbye to muscle discomfort or pain with our innovative Heating Scarf. Designed to provide targeted relief, this versatile heating scarf can be wrapped around any muscle area to alleviate pain and discomfort. Whether you're dealing with neck, shoulder, back, or knee our heating scarf is your go-to solution for quick and effective relief.

Its also perfect for keeping you warm during the cold winter months.

HEAT ADJUSTABLE - Press the switch to keep for 3 to 5 seconds, the switch will be turned on or closed. Each press changes the temperature.

The heated scarf has three temperatures: high temperature (red52℃), medium temperature (green48℃), and low temperature (blue42℃). You can adjust temp according to your needs.

COMFORTBALE - Selected comfortable premium fabrics, delicate touch, comfortable fabric, warm and breathable, skin friendly, durable, long term wear will not feel uncomfortable, scarf length of about 80cm

USB CHARGING – Powered by USB, you could also connect it to a wall charger, laptop, computer, car charging port, etc. No battery is needed, just contact USB port devices, such as power bank, personal computers, laptops, mobile phone adapters, etc.


If you’re experiencing muscle pain in neck, back, elbow, knee, etc. regardless of your age or gender, this heating scarf is perfect for you.

Whether you're 25 or 65, male or female, this Heating Scarf offers the relief you need.

Even if you don’t have muscle pain, but someone in your family does—like your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather—this Heating Scarf makes an excellent gift for them.

Take the step to alleviate discomfort and bring soothing relief to yourself or your loved ones today.



Step 1 - Plug the heating scarf into a power source.

Step 2 - Wrap it around the area experiencing pain or discomfort.

Step 3 - Adjust the heat settings to your desired level.

Step 5 - Relax and enjoy the therapeutic heat for as long as needed.


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