Premium EMS Foot Massager (With 8 Massage Modes)

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Get Daily Foot Massage & That Too At The Comfort of Home

Our EMS Foot Massager utilizes cutting-edge electrical muscle stimulation technology to target key pressure points in feet which promotes relaxation. Say goodbye to foot discomfort and let the gentle pulses show their magic.

 Experience foot relaxation without wires
 Targeted acupressure relief with EMS technology
✔ Compact design for portable convenience
 Personalize your soothing experience with intensity options
 Durable ABS construction ensures quality


  • Improved Blood Circulation: By sending gentle pulses through the feet and lower legs, it stimulates muscles, reducing swelling and enhancing circulation.

  • Relieve Aching Legs and Feet: Specifically designed for individuals with sore and achy legs, ankles, or feet, providing targeted relief and relaxation.

  • Address Common Foot Issues: Effectively assists with overpronation, flat feet, high arches, and plantar fasciitis, offering support and relief for various foot concerns.

  • Aim at Special Points: This product is designed to work on specific points on the body to bring comfort and relaxation.


If you’re experiencing foot pain, regardless of your age or gender, this foot massager is perfect for you.

Whether you're 25 or 65, male or female, this massager offers the relief you need.

Even if you don’t have foot pain, but someone in your family does—like your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather—this foot massager makes an excellent gift for them.

Take the step to alleviate discomfort and bring soothing relief to yourself or your loved ones today.

HOW TO USE (You will also receive a instruction manual in your order)

1. Press the “+” to start the device.
2. Adjust the mode by pressing the “M” Button
3. Adjust the intensity by toggling the “+” and “-” to increase/decrease the intensity.
4. Use the EMS Bioelectric Acupoints Massager Mat with DRY feet. And also make sure you are not wearing any jewellery in your feet.
5. Step on the mat, and make sure your feet are within the mat.
6. Use it for at least 15 minutes daily before sleep.

Package Includes: 1 Foot Mat (Premium Quality), 1 EMS Massage Device & 1 Cable To Charge the Device.


- Anyone fitted with a pace maker or automatic implanted cardiac defibrillator (AICD).
- Anyone with heart related problems or heart disease.
- Anyone that is pregnant.
- Anyone with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) to avoid the risk of causing a clot to break loose and in turn prevent a pulmonary embolism from happening.
- Anyone who has high blood pressure.


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